We light the candle for the second night of Hannuka as a dedication to fairness, tsedq. Let us always be fair to others by sharing with them and treating them with respect. This will help fill the world with justice.

~ Rabbi Binyamin Biber

(from Hannuka Candle Lighting “Dedication” Readings)

Second Night of Channnukah, Second Day of Questing

It is day two of Quest2019, a month-long annual event designed by Jeffrey Davis and his teamr to guide us in creating our best year in 2019. We are encouraged to reflect on that to which we are  profoundly dedicated for the coming year. This dedication is one that can shape our professional and personal decisions and plans for the coming year, guiding us to do and be our best in 2019.

Channukah and the Quest

This year, the first night of Chanukah coincided with the start the Quest. “Channukah” means dedication. In his Hannukah Candle Lighting “Dedication” Readings Rabbi Binyamin Biber identifies a specific dedication for each night of this festival of light.

Just as we might dedicate a new or newly refurbished building for a special purpose or goal, so may we dedicate ourselves to a meaningful purpose and a special goal. [Click to Tweet] As we move through the first eight days of the Quest, I’m letting Biber’s Chanuka dedication readings guide me to identify my devotions, my dedications for the year ahead.

Sunday night’s dedication was to kindness, hersed, Monday’s was to fairness, tsedeq. 

 Devotion to Fairness

For day two of the Quest, for the second night of Channukah, for 2019, my profound dedication is to fairness.

My dedication is to listening carefully, using ears, eyes, heart, mind and spirit, looking inward and gazing outward, to understand each person’s unique needs, perspective and circumstances.

My dedication is to standing for my own and others’ needs for safety, security, trust, hope and resilience.

My dedication is to collaboration, working together with others so that the results we attain are far greater, far more meaningful, far more useful, and far more joy-filled than what I can achieve on my own.

These dedications shape my vision for creating my #BestYear as #WeQuest for 2019.

Hear from other Questers

There are so many of us running in the Quest pack! Look for us on social media, using #WeQuest and #BestYear. And come run with us! Find out how at Quest2019.

Watch for more this week, and throughout December.


Photo by Ben Ostrower on Unsplash

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