This coming year you have the ability to share a bit of your privilege, energy, and love in a way perhaps you haven’t done before. In 2017, for what person or group will you support with your whole heart and clear voice to make their life easier and personal evolution more possible? How will you manifest your understanding that we are all connected?

~Rebecca Walker

We all know about the social and political divides tearing at our country’s fabric. These divides have long festered, leading to the election of an unqualified, morally corrupt president who stands to do great harm to our democracy, our environment, our economy, our standing in the world, our human rights, and to all who fall outside of his definition of those who count.

That would be most of us, when you add us all up – women, the elderly, the disabled, people of color, those who are in middle, working and lower income groups, immigrants, those who are LGBTQ, those who are not Christian.

Yes, some members of these at-risk groups voted for Trump. Such is the power of fear, divisiveness and hate. Such is the weight of our history. Such is the effectiveness of manipulation and injustice.

There is reason to fear for the near-term future. We know there will be harm. We don’t know how extensive it will be. Each of us needs to face these concerns. They are real. We can do this by being realistic in identifying those threats most likely to affect us. We can plan as best we can to protect ourselves and those around us. We can acknowledge that there is a great darkness before us. Yet we need not be paralyzed by  our inability to see in the dark, or by our fears.

Here, in this darkness, is where hope lies.

Here, in this darkness, is where hope lies, awaiting us and those who join us. Here is where we  gather, bringing our light, creating a vision for what comes next and working hard to achieve that vision. Here is where we give voice to what we see, where we stand up for what is right, where we disagree and still unite. Here is where we can find safety, support and inspiration from the many who wish to build the better world we wish to see for ourselves and for those who come after us.

Hope lies in focusing our whole-hearted, full-voiced support on those we wish to protect, in doing this in ways large and small, in those ways that we can. Hope lies in accepting that we cannot do everything for everybody. Nor can we do all that is needed for the person or group we wish to protect. We do what we can. We give our utmost. While your efforts and my efforts alone will never be enough, our combined efforts will.

Rebecca Walker, our final Quest 2017 visionary, may be best known for her role as the original leader and founder of Third Wave Feminism, the movement, and the co-founder of the Third Wave Foundation. She has authored many books, including her latest collection, Black Cool, which explores the singular aesthetic that has helped to shape the world. Learn more about Rebecca here, and connect with her on Twitter at @rebeccawalker.

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