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Can you buy happiness? Sure, if you do it right.  It seems that when you buy gifts for others, or give to charity, you both benefit. The other person gets a thoughtful gift and you get a happiness boost. There’s lots going on at this time of year, I have an offer to make it easy for you to boost both your own and someone else’s happiness.

Here’s the offer: Buy a gift certificate for one 60-minute coaching session for yourself or for someone you know. My gift to you? A 20% discount on the $150 fee,. You’ll pay just $120.

To increase your happiness-boost, I’ll donate another 10% of the full fee ($15) to the awesome Axel Project which opens up all the benefits of bicycling to young children and families in need.

It’s a win-win-win. You take care of yourself, which allows you to take care of others,  or you give a great gift to someone special. At the same you and I get to support an important charity. Email me for details. 

This happiness-boosting offer is good through the end of 2014.

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