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You’re busy. Way too busy. People count on you to take care of urgent and important tasks, and there are a lot of them! You take pride in being the one that others turn to, but lately it’s getting to be too much. You’re feeling overwhelmed, as though you’re lost in the shadows of everything and everyone else. Let’s do something about that! I’ll help you find ways to get unbusy and navigate the changes life brings. There’s work involved, sure, but there’s also a lot of fun.

I help your innovative and forward-thinking self come out to play, problem-solve find your way to a reconnection with what matters most in life. You get involved in my signature process, Finding Your Keys, that guides you in unlocking the possibilities in your life and reconnecting with:

  • Caring relationships
  • Core purpose
  • Clear vision

Don’t wait until something – injury or illness – forces you to slow down. I did that to myself. What I’ve learned can help you avoid that scenario. You’ll find ways to take care of yourself, so you can keep taking care of everything else.

My promise to you: It’ll be fun, creative, playful and manageable to do this. You’ll end up feeling a lot less stressed, and much more in control, happier and productive. You’ll never have to spend more time than you want to.

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