Early Saturday morning, my friend and I talked of many things as we pedaled our way along a 13-mile loop through Patapsco Park. We shared our opinions of our bike bags (a key topic for avid touring cyclists). We commented on the park’s beauty, how we’d each spent Friday evening, on the likelihood of impending rain and the joy of our ride.

Shortly after we started getting together occasionally to enjoy a ride together, he told me he’d recently finished treatment for prostate cancer. A few months later, I learned I have breast cancer. Sometimes we talk about those experiences. On Saturday, our discussion turned to our thoughts about acceptance, of living with what is, even when you’d rather it was different.

Reflecting on our conversation took me here:

What if …
I understood what I must accept
Because I cannot change it?

What if…
I knew when to take control
And when to let go of making choices and decisions?

What if…
I acknowledged that the ‘before’ is gone,
That though the contours of ‘now’ look the same as before,
Much is changed?

What if…
I learned how to be
In this changed landscape?

What if…
Acceptance leads to adaptation and
Adaptation leads to thriving?

What comes to mind for you when you think of acceptance?

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