I love this quote, so I  shared it with the Keys to Change Community a few weeks ago, asking:

What is the most important “instruction for living a life” that you want to share with current and future generations?  

Sharing these thoughts is one way of expressing our legacy – what we have learned about life, what we want to be known for and want others to know about us. Our legacy also expresses our highest hopes and wishes for others. Read on for a glimpse of our legacies, our “instructions” for living a meaningful life.

Our legacy includes what we want to be known for, what we others to know about us, what we’ve learned about life and wish to share with others.


 Practice forgiveness – of yourself as well as others.

~ Evelyn Asher 


 Understand the interconnection of all things, that we are but one thread of the intricate, wondrous fabric of existence.

~ Peggy Accott 


 Among all other options, choose love.

~ Juliet Bruce 


Don’t assume you ever know the whole story. Be kind.

~ Sheri Hoeger  

Be kind. Practice compassion for your self and others. Try to make every interaction positive.

~ Barb Suarez 


Recognize your life as a process of continuous and gentle transformation.

~ Lyn Henderson


My “instructions?”

Take time to slow down and listen to yourself. Create the space and the time so you can listen to your heart, your mind, your body, your intuition.

Use These “Instructions” in Your Life

Here are three ideas for using these “instructions” in your life.


  • Try using each of the 7 idea here as a prompt, using them to write (or  draw or doodle to) for a short time, perhaps 10-20 minutes. See what comes up for you.
  • What are your own “instructions” for living a meaningful life?
  • What legacy do you wish to share with others?

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