Out of balance?

Out of balance?

Here’s a morning I still remember from back when I was raising young children:

I got up at 6:00, showered, dressed, and had a quick breakfast. I got the baby diapered, dressed and fed the baby, and checked that last night I’d gathered up everything he’d need at the child care center. I woke my preschooler, urged him to get dressed and gave him some cereal to eat while I finished getting organized for the day. It was winter, so I bundled the baby into his one-piece coat and leggings. No sooner did I finish doing that when I realized he now badly needed a diaper change.  As I got him undressed, my older son spilled his cereal on the floor! My eyes teared up as I realized there was just no way I’d make it to work on time now.

Sound familiar? A recent Pew Research Center report highlights  how parents experiences work-life balance. Mothers’ and fathers’ family roles are converging, though “traditional” gender based labor divisions aren’t gone. It’s interesting to see what parents are saying about work-life balance and general happiness.

There was no significant different between the percent of fathers (50%) and mothers (56%) who say they feel rushed and find it difficult to balance work and family life.  Almost half of mothers and fathers say they’d rather be at home with their children but work due to financial necessity.  Overall, fathers spend half as much time with their children than mothers do, and are twice as likely as mothers to say they don’t spend enough time with their children.

Most parents, male and female, say they’re completely or mostly satisfied with their jobs, and most rate themselves as good to excellent parents. All in all, parents report themselves to happy in their lives. While about half of parents reported some struggle with balancing work-life responsibilities, that means half find this isn’t a problem for them.

Transitions like having a new baby, older children leaving home, or job changes can throw things out of balance. Looking at your own life how are things going in balancing your own interests and needs with your family and work responsibilities? If these areas of life are in good balance, what has helped you achieve that? If not, what would you like to do to find or restore balance? This is the kind of question people often bring to life coaching. Get in touch to find out more!

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