What if the most important things to get done today aren’t the to-do list items?

What if what matters most is who we are, not what we do?  What if what we do flows from that source?

What will you do today to replenish yourself, renew your spirit and to allow yourself just be?

We’ve been talking on Facebook about being busy this week, seeking to understand if the stories we tell ourselves about being so busy are accurate. Maybe they are; maybe not!  We’ve thought about how excessive consumption affects our creativity. We’ve noted how TV and the ever-present internet can eat up available time  attention and energy, and how down time plus a little boredom are the mother and father of creativity.

Right now, I’m tracking my time use, which, yes, is taking some time. I’m interested to see if my perception of where the time goes matches the reality. Want to try it too? It’ll be available in the next issue of The Weekly Key. Get it here!

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