We think humans are the best designers, but this is not really true,” said Kamaljit Singh, an engineer at Imperial College London and an author on the study, published Friday in the journal Science Advances. We can learn from small animals.

Innovation, openness and curiosity bring us this #signofhope – a building’s eco-friendly cooling system based on a termite-driven design. What else can we learn by looking at the world around us as if it had much to teach us?

Things I didn’t know about African termites:

  1. They’re extraordinary engineers. 
  2. Their mounds are structured with a natural heating and cooling system that has inspired human engineers and architects to create a building in Zimbabwe that uses 90% less energy than a similar building next to it. 
  3. They have systems in place for foraging for food and maintaining and protecting their mounds.
  4. They’re master farmers.



Image: http://www.mickpearce.com/Eastgate.html

Quote: What Termites Can Teach Us About Cooling our Buildings 


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