All of us, even the calmest, wisest person you know, sometimes gets to that place where things are too much. It’s only human to react to excessive stress with signs that’s something’s out of balance.

These are some of the typical stress alert warning signs that tell me it’s time to up my self-care game.

Each of these is telling me pretty much the same thing. 

“You better make some time to take care of yourself. Or you’re going to regret it!!!”

I used to disregard these warning signs. There was always so much to do. I’d keep forging ahead, staying so busy that taking care of myself rarely made it onto my own to do list. Sure enough, I eventually came to regret that!

Here’s What I Do Now When I Get One of Those Warning Signs

1. I check in with my emotions, asking what I’m feeling and why. I might write about it or talk to someone about what’s going on. I soothe those emotions, treating them as a welcome and respected guest (really a welcome and respected part of myself) and ask them what they want me to pay attention to. If there’s nothing I need to do, or nothing useful that I can do, I shift my focus to something that is calming or uplifting. 

2. I change my plans to create some down time, where I’m not rushing and can focus on tending to myself. There are lots of ways I can use this time – reading for pleasure, exercising outdoors, and knitting are some favorites. 

3. I practice self-Reiki. I first took a Reiki 1 class to see how it might help me recover well and stay healthy following the cancer treatment that I underwent a few years ago. I didn’t know much about Reiki, other than understanding it as a way to lower stress. As a Level 1 practitioner, I gave myself the gift of twice-daily energy healing, and more than that whenever needed. I soon discovered it did far more than relieve anxiety, insomnia, or physical pain. It restored something that had gone missing – my sense of joy and enthusiasm for life. That had been plowed under by my encounter with cancer and its treatment. Now  joy and enthusiasm bloomed again!  That transformative experience motivated me to share Reiki with others, and to go on to become a Reiki Master, so I could can teach and attune Reiki practitioners.  

Do you remember those ocular migraines that I mentioned earlier? Normally I get one or two a year. But I’ve had two this week; one  last night, and another this morning. Today, it dawned in me to try Reiki to help relieve it. If it worked, it would save the day. To my delight, it did! That suggests to me that the increased stress that most of us are handling these days is playing a big role in my more frequent than usual migraines. What a relief to be relieved of tht those artistic but vision-blocking patterns, and not have to have a productive day instead of one lost   to headache and fatigue. 

Are Things Getting To Be Too Much?  

Whether your signs of excessive stress involve body, mind, or spirit, Reiki can help. This ancient Japanese energy healing approach balances the body’s chakras, or energy centers, and provides deep relaxation. It is a spiritual approach that works together with  other spiritual practices. It complements treatment offered by licensed health care professionals, supporting our natural capacity to heal. 

This is a Great Time Give Reiki a Try!

During these times of extraordinary stress, I am offering free, 30-minute distant Reiki sessions on a weekly basis. Usually (but not always) they’re on Thursdays at 7PM Eastern time. This is a great opportunity for effortless self-care. All you have to do is relax and be open to receiving Reiki.

If you join in via Zoom, you also get to be part of a guided visualization first, and time for discussion afterwards. Everyone is welcome, whether you’ve had Reiki before or if you’re entirely new to it. Contact me for info on upcoming dates and how to join. 



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