I’d like to share with you the power of images to spur insight, creativity, energy and change. I am doing this by offering Visualize Your Life individual and group sessions life coaching sessions, focusing on specific audiences. Check out the upcoming in-person group session on July 21, 2013. Not in or near Baltimore,Maryland? Contact me about setting up a web-based Visualize Your Life session.

I can testify to the impact of working with images. Having spent literally years in the throes of a tough career choice, finally in 2012 I left behind the labyrinth of decision-making and the quicksand of fear. This happened when I took up Michele Martin on her offer to provide Career Clarity Image Center Sessions. Between the insights I gained as I developed open-ended questions and created collages to explore them, and Michele’s guidance in exploring their meaning more deeply, I got a grip. I identified my strengths and resources, focused on what I truly wanted, faced down some giant-sized fears and got moving. I reached an island of calmness and certainty and from there, was able to put in place my plan for transitioning to self-employment.

The “left-brainers” among us are very used to words. Writing them, thinking in them, reading them; we are taught this and rewarded for it in school.  We might be skeptical about image-based ways of knowing. Words are without a doubt powerful. Take a look at these powerful environmental quotes to bring that point home.  The most powerful words derive their impact from the images they create. Imagery provides an important way of activating our brain’s capacity for integrating thoughts, feelings, experiences, information, hopes, plans, and goals.

What do people say about working with VisualsSpeak image decks?

“They help you tell your story.”

“It’s fun. It’s creative. It’s powerful.”

“I was worried it might be like fortune-telling or something, but it’s not like that at all. It is very tangible. The images help you put your thoughts and experiences into words and make sense of them.”