When do you go to a health care provider? I go to one when I need an illness or injury treated, when I want to be screened for disease, or when I am troubled by acute pain or other symptoms. When I want a fitness plan, encouragement to stick with it, and ideas on how to stay strong and healthy, I hire a trainer. An advanced trainer knows a lot about avoiding injury and recovering from injury. Both a health care provider and a trainer are important to my overall physical health and well being and I seek each for specific reasons. It’s possible to work with a health care provider and a trainer a the same time, so long as the health care provider knows and I can benefit from her advice.

When I am distressed  by  psychological symptoms to the point that I am suffering or impaired in my relationships or my work, I seek help from a mental health therapist. I saw a therapist after the difficult birth of my second child and when I was getting divorced divorced. Therapists are trained to identify, treat and relieve suffering from mental health disorders, just as health care providers do for physical disorders. A well-trained coach knows a lot about  encouraging, gaining clarity, providing support and promoting forward movement for people ready to make a  change in their lives. It’s possible to be in therapy and coaching at the same time. Both therapists and coaches can play an important part in supporting emotional health and well-being.