November’s Focus – Rescheduled from October

Just because I’m scared doesn’t mean I don’t have hope. This is how I feel. It is true.

~ Rachel Troxel

This month we’ll be thinking about, talking about and writing about Working Through a Challenge – Persistence and Resilience

WHEN: Wednesday,November 29th 2017, 11 AM – 12:00 PM EASTERN. WHERE: Online, using  INVESTMENT: FREE for purchasers of The Write Way to Well-Being: Guide and Workbook ($12.99). Don’t want to buy the e-book? Contact me to arrange to join this event.

What to bring: writing materials. Some unlined paper and markers/colored pencils/pastels – we might doodle or draw a bit. A favorite beverage.


What is Writing for Resilience?

  • Time set aside for writing
  • Prompts that help you connect to your deepest thoughts and feelings.
  • Provides a flexible, fun and supportive opportunity for self-care.


You intend to write, but somehow it rarely happens!

What if you didn’t have to write on your own? What if you had an experienced facilitator to guide you, a structure that made it easy to focus, and peers to support you, think with you and write along with?

Writing for Resilience (previously Write for You) is a safe space for writing, reflecting and sharing what you discover. You get guidance and structure so that you’re free to enjoy writing that strengthens your resilience and wellness.

Writing for Resilience is scheduled monthly [usually!]. You join when you can. We write for discovery, learning and growth. No previous writing experience is required, nor do you need to consider yourself a “good writer.” Your writing remains private, with you deciding what, if anything, you want to discuss.

There will be opportunities, as desired, to share questions, observations and insights.This allows us to bear witness for each other, honoring and caring about one another’s experiences.


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