Experience Keys to Change’s Signature Process

Have you ever lost your keys? I’ve done it more than once, and then spent a frantic half-hour (or more) searching everywhere for them. I always discover them in some completely obvious place. There they were, in plain sight, and yet hidden from my view. I just needed to ask myself a different question, or shift my perspective, in order to see them clearly.

My signature process, Finding Your Keys, brings you that shift. It involves time-tested approaches crafted especially for you, in all your beautiful complexity.

In a world of non-stop urgent priorities, a world that values us for what we do and doesn’t notice who we are, I stand for you: the over-giving, service-centered professional who is lost in the shadows of everything and everyone else. Finding Your Keys guides you in unlocking the doors to the answers that lie within. You discover how to  reconnect – to caring relationships, core purpose and clear vision.

What you won’t find here:

Quick-fix formulas, tired, clichéd solutions or overblown promises.

Finding Your Keys

Finding Your Keys moves you out the shadows of others’ urgent demands and toward the light allows you to see and reconnect to:

  • Caring Relationships: with yourself and with those around you
  • Core Purpose: what you are most driven, excited and inspired to do
  • Clear Vision: what you see for your life now and in your future

It’s a fun and creative process. There’s certainly some work involved, but you don’t have to do all alone. I am at your side, standing with you and for you as you unlock possibilities for change. My empathy, perspective-shifting insight, plus a terrific dose of humor make this the kind of work you can’t wait to do!

Finding your keys begins with and continues through the genuine relationship we forge.The safety created through our connection invites your true voice into our conversations. As we reflect on what we both are hearing, your perspective shifts and you begin to ask deep and meaningful questions, and find your own answers to them.

You’ll shape a clear and compelling vision that supports caring connections with self and others and an alignment with your core purpose. This clear vision helps you design the steps that result in making space for what matters most in your life.You’ll put these steps into action and try them out. You’ll use what you learn from these experiences to continue creating a life centered on caring relationships, core purpose and clear vision.

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