I invite you to join me  and others in this first online gathering of the Department of Hope. The Department of Hope is not an actual department. It is an idea, a powerful idea, a necessary idea, for without hope we are lost. With hope, we find our own and one another’s strength. We move forward. We make change.

Join the Department of Hope for this important discussion. Where and how do we find hope in difficult times? The entire election cycle has been rough for our nation, bringing existing divides into full visibility. As we recover, we look around us wondering, where does hope lie now? How do we heal and move forward? Let’s come together to discuss the realities we confront and the possibilities that lie ahead. Let’s lend one another strength and together seek ways to build hope and to take actions based on that hope.


WHEN: Check back…to be announced. WHERE: online, using zoom.us  INVESTMENT: Free.