Taking service-centered professionals

from burning out to fired up !

In a world of never-ending urgency you are valued for what you do, not for who you are.

You get lost in the shadows of everything and everyone else.

Over-giving, service-centered professionals long to reconnect with what matters most: caring relationships, core purpose and clear vision.

Nancy Seibel

You won’t find quick-fix formulas or overblown promises here.

Keys to Change stands with you, offering innovative, customized and time-tested
strategies for transforming overwhelm into capacity, connection and clarity.


I believe in treating ourselves, each other and the planet with love, respect and compassion. And with shared humor, because joy and laughter are so great: they create connection, integration, new perspectives and forward leaps.

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Hope is Always There

This week’s Department of Hope guest post is an engaging conversation between Charlie Gilkey and Angela Wheeler, discussing their thoughts about hope as it relates to entrepreneurship, creativity, and more.

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