Here’s what Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert, says about happiness:


I’m very interested in the latest findings in positive psychology, happiness and well-being. Lately I’ve been watching videos and reading lots of books, websites and research articles on these topics. Hats off to Scott Adams for finding a take on happiness that is simple (but not over-simplified) amusing (but with a serious point to make) and clear. You might not agree with all the details, such as what makes a healthy diet – but then nutritionists don’t agree on this either. His larger point is what’s most important –  we should create a life-long system by adopting healthy eating and exercise habits that we enjoy. Trying to do things we don’t like using willpower is likely at best to be grim and at worst to be grim and to fail.

I’m curious to know how you’re finding freedom, which as Scott notes may be a goal to work toward if current circumstances afford few choices in your work or personal life. Are there steps you can take to work toward greater freedom and control in your life? I’m interested in what you’re doing to stay healthy, too.  Have you found approaches that you enjoy and can stick with over time?

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Here’s to happiness in 2014!