Dearest friends,

We went to sleep last night with this reality: Donald Trump is our president-elect. Upon wakening, there it was, unchanged.

What Todd Kashdan says is true:

Unlike what Todd is doing here, which is reminding me that there is a beacon of light to follow, we have cultural norms that encourage us to deal with setbacks by getting busy taking action. By “getting over it and getting on with it.”  That’s not the way to do it though. We have to give grief it’s due, and allow ourselves to feel it, express it and move through it. When we face and express those feelings, we lighten their burden and free ourselves for action.

Right now, I am deeply grieved, deeply shocked, and deeply saddened.On this first post-election day, I need time to come to grips with what has happened. There will be a time soon for resilience, coping and finding the way forward. But first I need a chance to grapple with what Trump’s election means for me personally, and what it means for us all.

I am struggling to understand and process the unmistakable message of Trump’s election. My country just elected a president who stands for hate, exploits fear, incites violence, who has been accused of rape and sexual molestation. This may not have been what was in the hearts of all who voted for him, but this is the result.

I know this moment calls for us to stand our ground, organize and and fight for what we believe and value. To summon and act on our fierceness, determination, persistence and hope. I know those things, and I know I will get there. I know we will collectively get there. For now, I need to grieve, recognize the impact of what has happened, and  make room for that positive forward energy. I feel the need to focus on self care and on care for others.

Remember what Todd Kashdan said. He’s right.