We are bringers of hope.This is why I am so passionate about nonprofits working to build a better world, one  in which we can be better humans (Solnit, R. (2016). Hope in the Dark. Chicago, IL. Haymarket Books.

To bring others hope, we ourselves must have hope.

Take time to treat yourself with compassion. Allow yourself to rest, renew and restore your spirit.

Vu Lee wrote about hope as one of the 7 reasons he’s thankful for the nonprofit sector:

We bring hope: Since last Thanksgiving, many communities have been short on hope. It’s hard to have hope when you live in fear like so many of our neighbors have to do each day. The generalized anxiety has been pervasive. During these times, what has lifted me and so many others is knowing that good people like you are out there. I know that hope, like community, is not an outcome many of us put on our logic models or theory of change, but this is one of the most important things we do as a sector.

What brings you hope?

How do you bring hope to others?