Krista Tippett, broadcaster, author and host of On Being is our first visionary influencer. Connect with her on Twitter at @KristaTippet. She launches Quest2017 with this prompt:

What is your vocation, your sense of calling as a human being at this point in your life, both in and beyond job and title?

Reading this, my first reaction was to feel stuck. Over the years, I’ve done a lot of work identifying my purpose. I’m a Purpose Clarity coach, and have helped many clients do this work. What more could I discover?

But of course, there’s always more. I needed to find a way to go deeper and uncover what I haven’t found yet. My deck of Doreen Virtue’s Life Purpose Oracle Cards helped me go there.

As a disclaimer, I have to  say I am not one who thinks about or believes in oracles and angels. I am not against them; that way of thinking just isn’t part of who I am. Yet these and other cards have value for me. The ritual of using them, the imagery, the words, and consulting the guidebook awaken a way of seeing, feeling and thinking that takes me to places I might not otherwise find.

Holding Krista’s prompt in mind, I shuffled the cards. Five cards “popped out” from the deck.
They were Heart’s Desire, Healer, Spiritual Teacher, Teacher, and Writer. Here’s where my reading of them  took me.

This is a time to pursue my heart’s desire, which is to live a life in accordance with my deeply held values, with the intention of ever seeking to become my best self and supporting others in seeking to be their own best selves.

A statement shared by #DoTheMostGood Baltimore Area express the values I find important to commit to right now:

  • Act with love and kindness.
  • Support policies with which I agree; make my voice heard when I disagree.
  • Stand up to hatred and division in every form.

I am a healer of the self. I am a teacher who guides others in learning through reflection and discovery. I am one that others naturally turn to for guidance and support. I heal through relationships, through creating safe spaces and through sharing my words. I heal through my sessions, my seminars and my writing.

As a healer I remind myself and others of the key importance of self-care. It is critical to know when to rest and how to balance giving with receiving.

I am a bringer of hope. This is not the false hope of bland assurances that all will be ok, but hope based on a clear vision of what is and what can be; of hope built of forging connections and of taking actions to reach that vision.

This is my sense of who I am as a human being at this time in my life.

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This is day one of Quest2017 in which Jeffrey Davis, Chief Tracker at Tracking Wonder, invites an ever-growing pack of business artists – creatives, innovators, and professionals – to embark on a quest, one that results in making real change in the coming year.

Real change, says Jeffrey, comes from

“… a possibility mindset, provocative points of view, deep reflection, and a healthy dose of wonder.” 

Here’s some of what the quest provides:

  • Twelve meaningful prompts from 12 inspiring influencers
  • The opportunity for turning inward which guides us in moving ahead
  • Discovery of  unanticipated insights along the way
  • Connection with Quest-mates. As Jeffrey writes “DIT beats DIY” (translation: Do It Together beats Do It Yourself)

There’s still time to join in, at