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I’m a recovering over-giving, service-centered professional and a solopreneur business owner. I get how it happens. There’s so much to do and it’s all urgent. But somehow you’ve become overshadowed by everyone else’s urgent needs and demands. It was okay for a while, maybe for years. At first it was exciting, but all the stress is starting to affect you. You’re yearning to reconnect with what matters most: caring relationships, core purpose, clear vision.

Working with me is fun. It’s relaxing. It’s encouraging. You’ll make discoveries and have aha moments. You’ll get where you want to be.

Learn more about my signature process, Finding Your Keys.

I’m an experienced coach and counselor with 30+ years in nonprofit direct service and leadership roles. I get what it’s like to be passionate about serving others and building a better world. And I know what it’s like when stress causes that passion to dwindle until you’re left wondering where your mojo went. I’m a solopreneur so I get how  solo business owners wear all the hats, try to do it all and exhaust ourselves in the process.

In my late twenties I had two young sons, a husband, and a demanding career to which I was passionately dedicated. I had  family and friends for whom I cared deeply and devoted myself to. After divorcing in my mid-thirties I went into overdrive. I was keeping the three of us afloat and pursuing my passion to build a better world. Even with the terrific support of family and friends, I was always on the go, always busy, always responsible and often stressing and worrying. Another decade later I was still in overdrive, holding down an increasingly responsible leadership role at work, launching my now young adult sons into the world, studying in a doctoral program, commuting at least 3 hours a day and traveling often for work, when…life happened.


My father, Jerome Laulicht.

My father died unexpectedly. Six months later my stepmother was seriously injured in a car accident. That was it. That was more than I could handle. My chronically aching back went from a nuisance to an acute and agonizingly painful problem. The pain  forced me to slow down, drop some activities and focus time, attention and money on getting better. I realized I had to do this if I wanted to go on taking care of everything and everyone else in my life. This sudden understanding made a radical difference in my outlook and led me to make important and lasting life changes. I’m here to share what I learned with you.

Like me, you may be an over-giving, constantly doing, service-centered professional who makes time for everything and everyone that is so important. Everything, that is,  but yourself. You can sustain that for a while, maybe even for a decade or two, but eventually something gives. Maybe you start burning out. Perhaps you end up suffering distressing emotional or physical symptoms. You ignore it for a while (like I did) until it gets really bad (like it did for me). It doesn’t have to be that way. Let me help you reconnect to what matters most: caring relationships,  core purpose and clear vision.


“Matching your passion with what you do as an entrepreneur can have its challenges. I knew what my passion was and what skills I possessed to create my own business, but I was still testing and wondering how to put my ideas into action. With Nancy’s coaching and the VisualsSpeak Image Center I was able to have my “aha” moment! Nancy gave me specific feedback that helped me to clarify my thoughts, ideas and questions.

Using the VisualsSpeak Image Center brought a very clear definition of the path that I could pursue with my passion in the forefront. Not only were the images helpful, but the journaling I did, with the guidance Nancy provided, helped me see exactly what I could do.

Thanks to both Nancy and the VisualsSpeak Image Center, I now have a clear idea of where I’m going and how to get there!”

Social Media Brand Strategist & Entrepreneur, Maria Florio

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