Father, husband, author, speaker and “Chief Wonder Tracker,” Jeffrey Davis brings us a message of hope via Lisa Mueller’s beautiful poem, Hope (Alive Together, 1996). He recently quoted some lines of Lisa Mueller’s poem In a Facebook post. I invited  Jeffrey to share it with us here. I’m delighted that he said “yes.”

To me, this poem juxtaposes the beauty and the cruelty of the places where hope is found, the places dark and light where it lives, and the enduring power and wonder of hope. “It is,” Mueller writes,  “in this poem, trying to speak.”

Here’s the recording.

Jeffrey and I met a few years ago via a chance discovery on Google+.  I read some of his posts there and thought, “That’s an interesting guy!” You never know where those connections might lead. This one brought me into the Tracking Wonder Quest group, leading to a new network of business artists, new insight and growth, and an expanded sense of confidence and possibility. The Department of Hope, an idea I’d been carrying for quite some time, emerged as one more result of being a part of Jeffrey’s community.