Take Care of Yourself.

Then Take Care of Everything Else.

In a world of never-ending urgency you are valued for what you do, not for who you are.

You get lost in the shadows of everything and everyone else.

Over-giving, service-centered professionals long to reconnect with what matters most: caring relationships, core purpose and clear vision.

Nancy Seibel

You won’t find quick-fix formulas or overblown promises here.

Keys to Change stands with you, offering innovative, customized and time-tested
strategies for transforming overwhelm into capacity, connection and clarity.


I believe in treating ourselves, each other and the planet with love, respect and compassion. And with shared humor, because joy and laughter are so great: they create connection, integration, new perspectives and forward leaps.

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I’m a recovering over-giving, service-centered professional and a solopreneur business owner. I get how it happens. There’s so much to do and it’s all urgent. But somehow you’ve become overshadowed by everyone else’s urgent needs and demands.

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In a world of non-stop urgent priorities that values us for what we do and doesn’t notice who we are, I stand for you: the over-giving, service-centered professional who is lost in the shadows of everything and everyone else. Discover my signature process, Finding Your Keys.

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From the Blog

Our Best Selves, Our Best World

With our energy, well-being and best thinking supported we can engage the power of what one client calls the “exponential effect.” This means, she explains, that when we positively impact the life of one person, that person impacts the lives of others, then in turn impact still more, and so on. Hers is a hopeful, realistic description of how each of us, through who we are and how we are, make a positive difference during this critical point in our world.

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Signs of Hope

It’s true that the US and much of the rest of the world is struggling through a time of violence, turmoil and uncertainty. It’s also true that in the midst of all this, signs of hope can be found. These signs of hope can replenish us and help us move...

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Audacious Hope

There is much to despair of in our country today. I acknowledge that and will not be paralyzed by it. I will continue to hope for a better world for all of us, and to believe that it is possible. I will use that hope to motivate my actions.

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