Taking service-centered professionals

from burning out to fired up !

In a world of never-ending urgency you are valued for what you do, not for who you are.

You get lost in the shadows of everything and everyone else.

Discover how I can help you reconnect with what matters most: caring connections, core purpose and clear vision.

Nancy Seibel

You won’t find quick-fix formulas or overblown promises here.

Keys to Change stands with you, offering innovative, customized and time-tested
strategies for transforming overwhelm into capacity, connection and clarity.

I get how burnout happens and how purpose and vision get clouded. As a service-centered professional and a solopreneur, I’ve been there, too. When everything and everyone else comes first, your needs never even get on the priority list. It’s been going on for too long. Now you’re yearning to reconnect with what matters most: your inner self, caring relationships and your core purpose.

I’m here to help you do that.

Find out how I help you go from burning out to fired up, from confusion to clarity, and from uncertainty to focus and action.

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From the Blog

Uniquely You

In 2017, I will move moving more deeply into this sense of of who I am and of this discovery about my purpose in life. It’s a new way for me to understand these things.

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Do You Love Yourself Enough?

I read these words and think of the affirmation, “You are enough.” If indeed I am enough, then I don’t need to work on myself. I am not a fix-it project. I need to continue becoming more deeply myself

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As a Human Being

I am a bringer of hope. This is not the false hope of bland assurances that all will be ok, but hope based on a clear vision of what is and what can be; of hope built of forging connections and of taking actions to reach that vision.

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Sharing and Taking My Medicine: 4 Ways to Cope

Yes, there are bright sides and things to be grateful for when times are tough. Sometimes they’re obvious. Other times you have to go prospecting for them. But there are dark sides too, and they’re real. So are the uncomfortable and sometimes painful emotional responses that go with them.

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