Taking service-centered professionals

from burning out to fired up !

In a world of never-ending urgency you are valued for what you do, not for who you are.

You get lost in the shadows of everything and everyone else.

Discover how I can help you reconnect with what matters most: caring connections, core purpose and clear vision.

Nancy Seibel

You won’t find quick-fix formulas or overblown promises here.

Keys to Change stands with you, offering innovative, customized and time-tested
strategies for transforming overwhelm into capacity, connection and clarity.

I get how burnout happens and how purpose and vision get clouded. As a service-centered professional and a solopreneur, I’ve been there, too. When everything and everyone else comes first, your needs never even get on the priority list. It’s been going on for too long. Now you’re yearning to reconnect with what matters most: your inner self, caring relationships and your core purpose.

I’m here to help you do that.

Find out how I help you go from burning out to fired up, from confusion to clarity, and from uncertainty to focus and action.

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In times of heightened stress, it’s easier for us to react to others’ expectations than to figure out and do what we find means the most, that fulfills us and brings a sense of joy.

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Hope is the elevating feeling we experience when we see—in the mind’s eye—a path to a better future. ~Jerome Groopman

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